Useful Links

Here are some other useful websites for you:

  This is the Appreciative Inquiry Commons site, run by Dawn Dole at Case Western Reserve University. Home of many reference materials including the Ai/SF comparison. You can find videos, sample questions and much community sharing. THE place to go if you are interested in Ai. This is the Solutions Focus website run by Mark McKergow. Home to reference materials around Solutions Focus, including the comparison. Site run by Mick Yates on Leadership. Based on the 4-E model with many contributions from around the world on Leadership. Website of the famous magazine - soil, soul and society.  All about sustainability and how we can achieve it by doing our bit. Website of Challenge Forum and Oliver Sparrow - a futurologist. Has interesting links to other sites and two worked out scenarios for the future.
Arup – An Introduction to Corporate Foresight – excellent and concise guide on what it is and how you might use it.