the foresight journey

In the present moment any and all futures are a surprise. If you can’t plan ahead for the world you will live in, you are liable to fail. If you prepare for different surprising futures, you flex your “foresight muscles” for each of them, so that you have a plan A, B, and C. You plot a plausible path for how you would get from today to that particular potential future. Plotting the path will help you to notice when you are proceeding along that path in reality, so that you can take advantage of your Plan B for that particular path/future, engaging the appropriate strengths for the advantage of your business. You know what these are because you have thought about it beforehand. This is the Foresight Journey.

Dealing effectively with any future is not so much about getting it right, but more about exercising your “foresight muscles” and preparing for a range of different potential futures, just like you’d prepare for the range of weather you encounter trekking in Nepal. The more you stretch your thinking and work through what different – perhaps even very strange – potential futures could look like (and what you could do in response to them), the better prepared you are for any of them if and when they arrive and become your today.

There are three steps: