Newsletter No. 22 March 2012

This is a quick note/reminder that we are now posting monthly blogs in place of our newsletter. The latest thought piece is titled ‘Strategic thinking: do …or die’. You might like to check the blog regularly because we are sharing interesting articles and videos (for instance good TED sessions) as and when we find them. You will find it at

Latest news:

  • Our latest book, Here be Dragons: navigating an uncertain world published by Choir Press will be coming out on the 9th of March. It is available to pre-order on Amazon.
  • The team are running a workshop, co-sponsored by the IOD on the 22nd of March in Gloucester called Managing Risk and Planning for Long-term Success. You can contact us for more information or look on the IOD website to sign up: (IOD)

Best wishes from the LASA Team

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