What are the emerging opportunities in the next 5-10 years?

Informal research in the futures community mid 2015:

  • 3D printing (see http://www.pearltrees.com/t/emerging-trends/3d-printing/id7359918) and atomically precise manufacturing (APM). What things could you develop using 3D printing?
  • Edge pursuits – firms looking for big opportunities on the edge of their market space and in dark corners where no one else dare tread. What does the edge of your market look like?
  • The tactile internet – being able to do anything, anywhere via the internet; from physically manipulating the very small to the very large. What could you do with such a facility?
  • Virtual bodyguard – most of the software already exists. Who will be first to market?
  • Green/Bio Tech & Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering (see http://www.pearltrees.com/t/emerging-trends/synthetic-engineering/id7377866). What else could you do with this?
  • Personalised medicine – combine this with personalised 3D printing and your doctor may well be sending a prescription for you and your genome to your personal 3D printer which will produce the pills required. What does this mean for big pharma? What opportunities might there be for your business?
  • Many different opportunities to create new offerings using emerging technologies to provide delightful customer experiences. And not just customer experience of using your business, but perhaps just selling the customer experience – a different kind of tourism? How can you make the experience your customers have simply amazing?
  • Thin film solar economy – prices, size, and flexibility – wearable photovoltaics anyone? What opportunities does this create for you?
  • Personal mobility – self driving cars are just the start. One possibility is that you can buy a subscription to personal transportation as and when you want it. This will disrupt more than just the automotive industry. How can you take advantage of this?
  • See Foresight Journey & link to page to take advantage of this.