what are the emerging threats in the next 5-10 years?

Informal research at the start of 2015 told us that the challenges that keep CEOs awake range from the old school (profits, revenue, market share, surviving, winning) to what we would consider challenging because we use strategic foresight:

  • How do I steer my business into the future while keeping it relevant, enduring and flourishing?
  • How do I transform my business into an integrated digital enterprise – or will that be virtual rather than digital?
  • How do I get more agile? I can see the need for agility rising, even as the business environment gets more complex and difficult to navigate.
  • How do I keep my level of innovation up? Innovation is a major challenge for almost all companies I speak to. Even if it is going well now, CEOs worry that they can so easily fall behind.
  • How do I rising global political and economic risk impact what we are trying to do? How do we protect ourselves and discover where there are advantages in the uncertainty and ambiguity?
  • How do I keep abreast of government regulation? Continual changes?
  • How do I achieve sustainability? How can we sustain our success keeping all our stakeholders on board?
  • How do I expand when it is getting more and more difficult? What alternatives to expansion are there? Do I even need to expand for my business to continue to be successful?
  • Trust in business and government is low. How do I raise trust in my business/brand?
  • How do I acquire the talent I need (when what I need keeps changing), keep their skills relevant, growing and developing my people and retain them once they have joined?
  • How do I adapt and develop my business so that I’m not left with decreasing margins and market share, but developing new markets and new ways of adding value?
  • See The Foresight Journey for how to take advantage of this (link to page)