case studies

Marc-Henry de Jong

Chief Commercial Officer & Member of the Board, United Biopolymers, S.A.

“LASA have the integrity to tell it like it is, they don’t shy away from saying things as they are, but they support you so it isn’t that unpleasant.”

“They are easy to work with, not just their no-nonsense approach, but their collaborative style or working with you, no us/them.”

Ralph Lewis

Programme Director, London Business School

“The LASA team have integrity, insight and understanding which they combine with inspiration and practical solutions which took us to places we would never have imagined or got to on our own.”

“What is unique about LASA is their focus on big ideas and inspiration then bringing it back to the practical to make it happen.”

Ian Perry

Ex Chairman, Perry, Bishop & Chamber

“Sometimes we felt that LASA had a crystal ball we had looked at a range of disastrous things that could happen and given some thought to how to deal with them. That helped us get through them.”

“Recommend LASA to professionals who have to run a business and need to work on the business to grow it. LASA have been constantly stimulating and lots of fun.”

Peter Doggett

Chairman at Vistage

“LASA have visionary views on the future of economies and industry which they combine with detailed and challenging questioning. Not forget loyalty and honest support. All their specialists are real, practical with business experience.”

“LASA help you design your future and then implement it, they don’t just walk away.”